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JessEm, 04215 Clear-Cut Stock Guides Set 59720

JessemSKU: 04215


JessEm, 04215 Clear-Cut Stock Guides Set 59720


  • Feather boards are a great tool for holding your stock and preventing kickback, but they do have their limitations. Now there is an option with no limitations: JessEm's Clear-Cut Stock Guides.
  • The unique guide rollers on the stock guides are mounted on a 5 degree angle effectively steering your stock toward the fence.
  • Your stock is pulled tightly to the fence and the grip force of the urethane rollers holds it securely in position.
  • With JessEm's Clear-Cut Stock Guides, there's no more struggling to hold long boards tight to the fence as you feed it through your router bit. The guides pull your stock securely into the fence while you hold onto the other end, allowing safer, smoother and more precise cuts.
  • Clear-Cut Stock Guides system include 1 infeed stock guide and 1 outfeed stock guide and mount to a standard 1/4" T-slot (found on most commercially made router table fences).


  • CNC machined from durable material such as solid aluminum, cold rolled & stainless steel steel and wear resistant acetol resin to ensure a long service life.

Made in Canada

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