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Jessem 08801 Wood Sabre Marking Gauge 59743

JessemSKU: 08801


Jessem 08801 Wood Sabre Marking Gauge 59743


  • Introducing the new JessEm Wood Sabre Marking Gauge. JessEm has taken a basic tool and made it innovative by enabling a marking gauge to be preset to any pre-determined position.
  • Machined out of high quality stainless steel and anodized aluminium, the Wood Sabre design allows for even pressure and control from 0 up to 6″. The beveled blade is made up of A2 tool steel hardened to 60 RC and retracts below the reference face when not in use.
  • The large stainless steel reference face is just under 3″ wide and sits 3/4″ below the blade allowing you to slide effortlessly across the stock.
    The innovation of this product comes from the fine micro-adjuster.
  • The main shaft is laser engraved at every 1/2″ and through the detents on the main shaft, you can quickly change the settings in 1/2″ increments.
  • The fine adjustment is at 1/16 of an inch per revolution and the graduated collar allows you to adjust down to 1/256th of an inch.
  • The site window, on the face of the gauge, is referenced at 1/16th of an inch and allows you to know the setting of your blade. Once you have your desired position, simply lock the stainless steel knob and begin your work.
    When scribing lines for mortises, the Wood Sabre can be quickly re-adjusted for a second line.
  • Before the JessEm Wood Sabre ships, the blade is honed and calibrated for accuracy at our Canadian manufacturing facility.

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