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King, KPRO-08 8-pc Wood Lathe Chisel Set

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King , KPRO-08 8-pc Wood Lathe Chisel Set 16790


  • The KPRO-08 8-pc Wood Lathe Chisel is a set of woodturning tools designed for use on a lathe machine. These chisels are specifically crafted for shaping, cutting, and refining wood on a lathe, allowing woodworkers to create various turned objects such as bowls, spindles, and decorative pieces.
  • The KPRO-08 set typically includes eight different chisels, each with a specific shape and purpose. The chisels are made from high-quality hardened steel, providing durability and sharpness for efficient woodturning. The set often comes with a storage case or rack to keep the chisels organized and protected.
  • The specific chisels included in the KPRO-08 set may vary, but some common types found in wood lathe chisel sets are:
  • Spindle Gouge: Used for shaping details on spindles, such as coves, beads, and V-cuts.

  • Roughing Gouge: Ideal for quickly removing excess wood and rough shaping on the lathe.

  • Skew Chisel: Featuring a flat, beveled edge at an angle, it is useful for creating smooth finishes, V-cuts, and precise details.

  • Parting Tool: Used to cut or separate the workpiece from the lathe and create grooves or small details.

  • Bowl Gouge: Designed for hollowing out bowls, it has a deeper flute and stronger construction for heavy cutting.

  • Scraper: Featuring a flat or curved edge, it is used for refining surfaces, smoothing, and removing tool marks.

  • Round Nose Scraper: Suitable for creating curves, refining convex shapes, and smoothing rounded surfaces.

  • Diamond Point Chisel: Used for detailing, texturing, or adding decorative elements to turned objects.


  • Long, 10" wood handles
  • Comes in a wood storage case


  • 9/16-inch Skew
  • 1/8-inch Standard Parting
  • 9/16-inch Diamond Parting
  • 1/2 Round Nose Scraper
  • 1/4, 5/8 and 3/4-inch Gouges

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