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Knipex 00 31 20 V01 US Cobra Pliers Set 2 Piece

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Knipex 00 31 20 V01 US Cobra Pliers Set 2 Piece 15030

  • Fine adjustment: ensures optimum adjustment to differently sized workpieces and user-friendly handle position
  • Self-locking functionality requires minimal hand force and results in zero slippage on nuts and pipes, one-hand adjustment for easy operation
  • Equipped with an anti-pinching guard to prevent finger crushing, box-joint design employs a bilateral guide to withstand large loads
  • Gripping surfaces fashioned with special induction-hardened teeth for low wear and secure gripping; teeth hardness approximately 61 HRC
  • Constructed with oil-hardened and tempered chrome vanadium electric steel for strength and durability
  • Say goodbye to the hassle of adjusting and testing for the right size. With Knipex Cobra water pump pliers, simply position the upper jaw, press the button, and close the lower jaw. No more painful blood blisters from using other gripping pliers, as Knipex prioritizes safety with a built-in pinch guard. Durable and efficient, the self-locking adjustment and induction hardened teeth keep the pliers securely in place without slipping. Its versatile jaw configuration allows for gripping any shape object, while eliminating the risk of nut burring. The newly redesigned adjustment provides a 30% increase in gripping capacity, and the patented push button adjustment maintains the correct size opening every time. With the ability to operate with just one hand in tight spaces, Knipex Cobra pliers are made from innovative chrome vanadium electric steel for long-lasting durability. Plus, the thin head design makes it easy to access confined spaces without switching tools.

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