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Malco, #24 24-inch Radius Divider 14772



Malco, #24 24-inch Radius Divider 14772


  • Malco #24 42-inch Divider
  • Malco HVAC Tools of the trade
  • The Malco 24-inch Radius Divider is accurate and fast adjusting
  • The points are easily resharpened and replaceable on the Malco 24-inch Radius Divider
  • The Malco 24-inch Radius Divider is extra strong and is constructed of all steel and is nickel plated to be extra durable
  • Accurate and fast adjusting
  • Two sizes for circles up to 32-inch (81 cm) and 42-inch (107 cm)
  • Points are easily resharpened or replaced
  • Nickel plated steel body
  • Durable steel points
  • Up to 32-inch circles
  • Points can be resharpened or replaced
  • Easy adjusting

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