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Malco, C5R Redline 5-Blade Crimper 14706



Malco, C5R Redline 5-Blade Crimper 14706


  • Malco Redline 5-Blade Crimper are Longer, shallower crimps produced with the C5R result in a tighter fitting, more self supporting, leak-proof connection in sheet metal pipe and duct.
  • The handle opening of the Malco Redline 5-Blade Crimper REDLINE gripped tools maximizes the powerful leverage of compound head-to-handle linkage while providing a more comfortable operating range for your hand.
  • Ergonomic handle contours with an over-molded, non-slip handle insert assures a natural fit and feel for the way you work.
  • Easy one-hand operation, including an easy open and close latch motion, always leaves a free hand to steady work piece

Malco Redline 5-Blade Crimper Features:

  • Carbon Steel Blades
  • Superior compound leverage mechanism
  • Comforable opening, spring-actuated handles
  • Nickel plating resists elements
  • Throat Depth: 1-5/8-inch


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