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Measure Pro Cabinet Door Handle Installation Template Jig

Workshop Supply Inc.SKU: 1513727154



  • The Measure Pro Handle mounting jig makies it easy locating the hole for knobs and pulls.
  • It's simple to locate the holes for cabinet doors. The Cabinet Template will do the hard part... lining it up straight ever time on ever door!
  • Once the Cabinet Template is on the job, your job is really no job at all. Dare we say... fun!
  • Lots of different jobs...Keep the Cabinet Door Template Jig in a tool box or drawer as you'll find lots of uses for a measured template. Putting up coffee cup hooks for one, is an excellent use. Or, installing your own shutters. Just about anywhere you need equal spacing and precise measurements, the Cabinet or Drawer Template can do the job.
  • The Cabinet Template is set to specific measurements. But, with the Drawer Template, you are free to put handles or knobs just about anywhere you desire. The advantage to the Cabinet Template is no need to measure and standardized setting.

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