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Starrett, Intenss Pro M42 Bandsaw Blade 93'' x 3/4'' 99234-07-09 16607

Starrett CanadaSKU: 99234-07-09


Starrett, Intenss Pro M42 Bandsaw Blade 93'' x 3/4'' 99234-07-09 , 10 to 14 TPI Set 16607



  • Intenss Pro M42 is the ultimate competitor in bi-metal band saw blades, providing a universal solution with optimum efficiency in large production cutting operations.
  • A high speed steel M42 cutting edge, incorporating a new tooth design with a positive rake angle and variable pitch, combine to give Intenss Pro M42 the utmost in cutting performance and cost effectiveness.
  • This blade replaces the Powerband M-42

Features & Benefits:

  • Electron beam welded bi-metal construction.
  • Triple tempered M42 cobalt high speed steel teeth, hardness Rockwell C67-69.
  • Up to 12 degrees positive rake angle.
  • Fatigue resistant alloy steel backing strip.
  • High wear and heat resistance.
  • Variable pitch teeth reduce vibration for smooth, quick cutting.
  • Easy penetration, excellent chip clearance, reduced noise levels.
  • Faster, straighter cuts.
  • Improved surface finish.

Application Guide:

  • High production cutting.
  • Full range of steels from mild to stainless up to 45 HRC.
  • Nickel-based and non-ferrous alloys.
  • Blade Dimensions: 7' & 9" x 3/4" (19mm) x .035" (.9mm)
  • TPI: 10-14/P


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