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Tormek, SVP-80 Moulding Knife Attachment 59520

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Tormek, SVP-80 Moulding Knife Attachment 59520


  • The Tormek, Moulding Knife Attachment is for all shapes and makes of moulding knives with 24, 30 or 38 mm distance between guide holes
  • Tormek, Moulding Knife Attachment sharpens the face of the blade and therefore any shapes can be done
  • Max width of blades 100 mm (4-inch)

Following Information Corresponds with Above Diagrams:

  • Attachment comprises a base (1), a knife holder (2), an extra Universal Support (3) with micro adjust (4) and two pairs of hollow pins (5 and 6) for the knife holder
  • Base is mounted on this extra Universal Support and on the existing Universal Support of machine.
  • Base is locked with screw (7).
  • An arm (8), which is locked with adjustable hand lever (9), stabilizes construction
  • Knife is placed on the pair of hollow pins on knife holder
  • Magnet (13) keeps knife in place
  • Holder has holes to fit various knife standards
  • Two pair of pins (Ø4 and Ø5 mm) come with jig
  • The knife holder (2) glides on the base (1), which has PTFE surfaces to minimise the friction
  • The knives are ground on the face of the Tormek, Moulding Knife Attachment

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